Introduction of PCDP

Parkari Community Development Programme PCDP is a not for profit, and an indigenous civil society organization established in 1996 by motivated person named Poonam Paschal who belongs to Parkari community. Parkari community population is approximately 1.2 million in Lower Sindh. This community is most vulnerable community in the region as 99% of population is tenants and leading lives below the poverty line. Mr. Poonam Paschal has a dream to scale up their living standard through unity, education and awareness. This is the fact behind the establishment ofParkari Community Development Programme (PCDP) organization. PCDP registered under society Act XXI 1860 in year 2003 and registration number is 4101. The organization is working on the following themes to join hands with the development community for the world to be a better place to live.

    Vision, Mission, Objectives& Program Area


    To see an empowered Parkari Community literate, healthy, self-reliant, socially integrated and free from socio-economic oppression


    To raise awareness of civil and human rights and to implement appropriate projects for the promotion of mother tongue based bilingual education and community development using a participatory approach which promotes family welfare and self-reliance among the community.


    To facilitate and mobilize community in developing sustainable socioeconomic capital formation systems for poverty alleviation, food security, promotion of basic health, hygiene, environment and education services;

  • To build community’s capacity through training and exposure in order to develop human and institutional resources at the grass roots;
  • To promote literacy and education in the community, especially for children and women through Multi-Lingual Educational method.
  • Goal:

    To reduce poverty and facilitate sustainable development through a combination of targeted programmes; to promote self-help activities, to improve the livelihood of the community and to empower the Parkari community though skill training and community involvement.