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Production and Publication Department (PPD)

    The Production and Distribution Project (PDP) produces a wide variety of Parkari books using computer-typesetting and desktop-publishing, and distributes both books and cassettes throughout the community during regular field visits.
    These books address issues such as community development, human rights, health, culture, language and environment. They also cove r the whole syllabus used in Parkari schools, e.g. primers, maths books, and children’s storybooks written by Parkaris. In this way the whole community can benefit from the many new books and cassettes which are made available for them to read or listen to in their mother tongue.

    PDP also publish Quarterly “Parbhat” Magazine in Parkari to promote the mother tongue of the Parkari community. PDP is also compiling a Parkari to Parkari and Urdu and English dictionary to facilitate learning.